Home Sweet City

Stumbled upon this amazing sunset during my first night here. 

Stumbled upon this amazing sunset during my first night here. 

It’s been four days since the move and I’d be lying if I said I was already back into the groove of things here. Living in Manhattan last summer taught me the basics, but I am by no means an urban dweller extraordinaire. Accomplishments thus far would include:

1)   Moving into my fifth floor walk up (read: no elevator) apartment without anyone in my family sustaining injuries,

2)   Being able to navigate the subway without feeling completely overwhelmed, and

3)   Going grocery shopping.

Small wins, right?

I could probably write a post for every day I’ve been here, so I’ll try and just share the main highlights/photos.

The Apartment

Moving in was no joke. It was a hot summer weekend and you can imagine how easy it was moving everything up five flights of narrow stairs. After the dust settled, the (necessary) air conditioner was installed, and I got the majority of my belongings organized, I was honestly thrilled. My room is very spacious by NYC standards - a true bedroom, for those of you familiar with the horrors of apartment hunting in the city – and just what I was looking for.

And my roommate is fabulous - we have mutual friends, she is a dance marathon e-board alum (go figure!), and we both work in higher ed. Finding an apartment/roommate here is often just as hard as landing a job in the city, so I’m feeling very lucky in every respect.


Even though I hadn’t totally finished unpacking, it was time to have some fun. I met up with my friend Jenna and we hit up Smorgasburg at Pier 5 in Brooklyn Sunday morning. Amaaazing. There’s so much food that you absolutely need to go multiple times in order to try everything, otherwise you’ll end up walking in circles for hours trying to strategize which booth to try - which is basically what we ended up doing. I definitely should have eaten more, but the truffle fries and doughnuts were a solid start. Great views of the city, supporting local businesses, AND not crowded with tourists. What more could you want?

Every day has been an adventure, and I can't wait for what's next. Excited for my first Fourth of July in the city!

These are beautiful times 

Washington Square Park on a hot Wednesday afternoon

Stumptown Greenwich Village - so much cooler than I will ever be