While I may not consider myself a photographer, I have always wanted to improve my skills and learn how to truly capture the beauty I see around me everyday. So I was pretty pumped when my friend Christian was down to go on an adventure after work today and just walk around taking photos with me. 

We set off for the village and met up in Washington Square Park. The real gem we found was a few blocks down from the park. We stumbled upon this awesome side street that just said "KODAK MOMENT" all over it. So we got to work. 

I take photos with my iPhone, but Christian taught me how to take portraits with his Canon 7D; I certainly don't have his skills, but he was a great (and very affirming) teacher!

Here are some snapshots from this afternoon–

We had so much fun, and I can't wait to go on our next photo shoot together - look out, Brooklyn, we're coming for ya.