week three

Since I’ve only ever run for fitness, my thoughts during my runs have generally revolved around the music playlist I curated to push myself through a 30-minute cardio session. Now that my distance is increasing every week, my mindset and inner dialogue have come into the forefront.

On Sunday I ran five miles, which is the farthest I’ve ever run. Ever. Next Sunday, I’ll run six miles, and the week after that, seven. Aside from the anxiety about being able to physically complete the distance, I’ve realized I’m simply spending a lot of time running, and the time is going to increase substantially over the next two months. 45 minutes. One hour. Two hours(!) of non-stop running. Mentally and physically, I’m pushing my body further and farther than its ever been.

solid finish line

As the miles pile on during training, the playlists simply aren’t enough to get you through it. You begin to wonder if you’re physically going to be able to make it to the goal distance. And at some point, you need to let it all go out the window, and believe your body will be able to complete the mileage and trust your training thus far will get you there.

Believe in yourself. Trust your training.

This mindset has been a fundamental leap forward.

Believe in yourself.

There’s plenty of time for negative thoughts to rise up on a run – and simply put, you need to let them go before they completely derail you. You can’t focus on how tired you are or how bad you feel because your brain would be sapped of motivation to finish the run. Eventually you have to cut the baggage loose and move forward with the faith that things will get better. One step at a time.

The holds true with life. If we constantly focusing on negative parts of our lives (we all have them), it’s easy to forget how amazing the rest of the journey is. If we incessantly think about our weaknesses, it becomes more difficult to remember the unique talents that have already gotten us this far – and will continue to propel us even further.

Trust your training.

One of the many reasons I decided to train for a half marathon was because I love setting goals and making a plan to smash through them. That being said, the mileage increases will be coming at me in full force for the next six weeks – and it can be intimidating.

But every week prepares me for the longer push on Sunday.

3 miles Tuesday

5 miles Wednesday

3 miles Thursday

4 miles on Saturday

Then the 6 on Sunday

While it’s hard to believe each Sunday I’ll be running further than I ever have, I need to mentally recognize the fact that my training is working. I’m ready for it.

This mindset is also worth bringing into the day-to-day. Our past experiences don’t set our limits; they’ve simply been preparation for how far we have yet to go. For how far we are truly capable of going.