It takes a village

When I started training for my half marathon, a few people said, “Oh, amazing! A half marathon is such a fun run. Not too far, still enjoyable.”

Me: “Yeah, absolutely. It’s going to be soo great.”

Okay, so let’s have a reality check.

Training for your first half marathon is not fun. It takes a major toll on your body, requires a large amount of time, changes your diet, and tends to dictate your social calendar on the weekend. Despite all my Nike+ photos, this has been the hardest thing I’ve physically ever done. It’s changed me in amazing ways, but I’m not going to lie; it has been a big adjustment in my lifestyle.

I’ve been trying to heal a minor injury in my foot, which took my training off-track for two weeks. Missing a week and a half of training this late in the game is nerve-wracking. Last night I tossed and turned about how to make sure my body is in shape to complete the race (now less than a month away).

At the risk of sounding dramatic, if it wasn’t for my charity: water fundraising campaign, I might have quit training by now. For fear of injury, fear of not being able to complete the race – it would be easier to take a break, and drop back into recreational running right now.

But this is bigger than me.

I’ve made a commitment to raise money for charity: water and the people they serve. So far my campaign has raised enough to help 53 people get access to clean and safe drinking water. That’s incredible.

I’m so grateful to each person who has contributed to the campaign. It is what keeps me going every day. It pushes me out the door and propels me forward when I run in the evening after work. As I run, I think of each of you (not kidding), and I am overwhelmed by the difference we have made.

Thank you, Mom, Dad, Miz, Nic, Mindy, Sharon, Mary Jo, Eddie, Katie, Melanie, Perrin, Deb, Colin, Andrew, Gabbie, Felipa, Jake, Hoang, Ben, and Lauren. Your support means the world to me.

One of my close friends and I recently talked about the importance of those who you walk with, the people you let into your life. Who we walk with is so important. And as time passes, it becomes more salient because I could not do this alone.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

-African Proverb

Thank you for walking with me.